Top 10 naturist campsites in Germany from south to north

Discover the 10 most beautiful naturist campsites in Germany for for a nude holiday

If you look closely, nudism and camping have a lot in common. A love of nature and outdoor activities, for example, connects many fans of camping with followers of nudism. Representatives of both groups are considered to be open and open-minded. And last but not least, both groups have a certain idea of ​​freedom, both like independence. So what could be more natural than to combine both interests?

In fact, in the countries where nudism has many followers, there are usually a number of opportunities for naturist camping , in Scandinavia for example, in Croatia or in France. But you don’t have to travel far to enjoy the unrestricted nature. There are a number of naturist campsites in Germany that are worth visiting and where you can have a wonderful time.

You will find a particularly large selection of naturist campsites in Germany in the north and east of the country, but you will also find opportunities to camp as a naturist everywhere else. In most cases, these naturist camping opportunities are normal campsites that have opened up to nudists. Since it is usually tolerated on such facilities if you want to keep some clothes on, they are also well suited for beginners in the nudist area.

Naturist camping is in principle open to everyone and even as a newcomer you will be very welcome among the naturists. And since the best nudist campsites in Germany are characterized by a diverse system, a great location and beautiful landscapes, nudist camping is actually always a pretty good thing for everyone who likes to be outdoors with nice people.

1. Saxony: Nixi campsite

You can always have a good holiday in beautiful Saxon Switzerland. The region offers a whole range of leisure activities. Hiking, climbing and many other outdoor sports are well represented here. But since camping holidays often take place in summer, you always need to cool down a little. 

The reservoir at the Malter dam, which is surrounded by small forests and meadows in lush greenery, comes in very handy. Camping Nixi is located in this environment, which provides relaxation just by looking at it, the terrain of which is loosened up due to its slight slope towards the lake shore and the irregularly planted trees and guarantees every camper their own spot.

Naturists have their own area of ​​the beach here where they can get a seamless tan. There is a volleyball field and a small shop, and hotplates can also be borrowed. For children there is a playground, a splash area and an inflatable play area in the lake. So it’s up to you how you want to spend your free time in this particularly beautiful part of the Free State of Saxony – the possibilities for all your ideas are definitely already there.

2. Brandenburg: Knattercamping Bandikow

The name “Knattercamp”, which takes a bit of getting used to, is one of the most beautiful naturist campsites in Germany , located in the northeast of Brandenburg. Here you can experience real idyll. Imagine you are sitting on the shore of the lake on a mild summer evening with a cold beer in your hand. 

You are surrounded by the aromatic scent of the pine trees and an atmosphere of pure relaxation. This is roughly how you can experience naturist camping at Lake Bantikower. The place is open to the general public, a hedge separates the spacious nudist area of ​​the site, where you can spend the night in a tent, caravan or mobile home.

If you cannot or do not want to bring any of these with you, you can also rent a caravan or holiday home here. Keyword renting: canoes and row boats are also available. Another plus point in the hit list of the best places for naturist camping is certainly the Knattercamp with the wonderful surroundings.

 A lot of landscape awaits you here and you have every opportunity to really switch off. Take the binoculars and the camera with you, because nature lovers can make one or two beautiful discoveries here. The camping area includes a children’s playground, sandy beaches, a petting zoo and parking spaces with electricity and TV connections.


3. Baden-Württemberg: Naturists’ holiday park

In the border triangle, not far from Freiburg, people speak quite openly of being in the Tuscany of Germany. This is rather improbable based on the language most used here, but in fact: The landscape here is gentle, there are pretty little towns and the weather is usually pretty good compared to the rest of Germany. 

Naturist camping is available here in the variant that appears particularly friendly. Guests can use a natural swimming pond, which can have a separate area for children and a sandy beach. The holiday park is not only one of the best naturist campsites in Germany , but also has several holiday homes for those who have not yet really got into the camping spirit.

4. Brandenburg: Family Park Senftenberger See

People always seem to be drawn to the water, no matter what time of year, but especially when they are on vacation. It is no different with naturist camping . The coasts of lakes and seas are of course also at the naturist campsites in Germany especially in demand. Fortunately, there are both in Germany and there is a good range of lakes in particular. 

Just like in Senftenberg, a pretty town in an even prettier setting; located where the romantic Spreewald connects with the Lusatian Lakeland. This area is already very attractive for a shorter or longer vacation and if you can then pitch your tent or park your caravan directly on the lake shore, then you have come a little closer to your personal paradise.

Naturists also have the option of carefree nudity. This possibility exists here on a separate part of the beach. The campsite is part of a larger holiday complex that also has holiday homes and amenities such as a shop and restaurants. However, the camper is not lacking for anything here; Water, electricity and TV connections are available. And those who would like to explore the region on their own can rent bicycles or e-bikes.


5. Brandenburg: Camping in Bestensee

As a nature lover, this campsite offers you several advantages. On the one hand, there is its location, right at the gates of Berlin, so to speak, and thus really easy to reach for many stressed city dwellers who long to spend a few hours or days in the sun without a cover. 

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that this is the largest nudist facility in Brandenburg, after all, a whopping five hectares. The very special trump card of this well-known nudist campsite in Germany can best be seen in aerial photos: The facility is located on a headland exactly between two immediately adjacent lakes.

On closer inspection, these two lakes also turn out to be blessed with particularly clean water. A forest also provides shade and the feeling of seclusion that you need to be able to really feel good. There are sunbathing lawns right on the banks of the two lakes and the usual amenities of a modern camping facility such as water and electricity connections. The medical supply store is spacious, well equipped and clean and the long-established site operators take care of all guests with great attention to detail. By the way, you can also go on holiday here all year round outside of the holiday periods.


6. Schleswig-Holstein: Wulfener Hals, Fehmarn

On the popular holiday island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea, you can not expect pure nudist camping , but this award-winning site is so beautiful that it still has a place in the hit list of nudist campsites in Germanyearned. The place alone can convince with its probably unique location. It is located on a peninsula between the sea and a shallow bay, the latter in particular is ideal for families with children. 

The nudist area is located on a long headland and also has access to both sides. If that still wasn’t enough water, you can also go to the pool, but you have to wear swimming trunks there. So there is the ideal environment to spend days doing nothing and relaxing – but that will probably not be easy for you.

The range of possible activities on and around the square is simply too large. For example, you can easily develop into a water sports all-rounder during your stay: You can learn to dive, surf and sail or simply do it yourself. As soon as you get out of the water, the next leisure activities await, including golf, an animation program and organized excursions. You shouldn’t get bored at naturist camping on Fehmarn – unless you want to.


7. Schleswig-Holstein: Rosenfelder Beach

Among the naturist campsites in Germany , the place on Rosenfelder Strand has been established for many years and has long been very popular with many camping enthusiasts. You will discover the reasons for this immediately upon arrival: There are never more than a few steps to the beach and the site operators have divided the area with hedges and other plantings so that, despite the many available parking spaces, you always have a private, little corner can create. 

This is camping that you can really feel at home with. Other feel-good factors are the beach volleyball facility, the basketball and soccer field, the log cabin sauna, the playgrounds for children and the water trampoline that bobs in the sea in front of the square.

So there is variety for all age groups and if you don’t want all that, but just close your eyes and relax, you will find a quiet environment here and above all landscapes that allow you to take a deep breath. The fields stretch far in front of your eyes until they merge somewhere on the horizon with the blue of the sea – that is wonderful. And as if all of these weren’t enough arguments for the Rosenfelder Strand, this campsite is also one of the naturists cleanest and most well-kept in Germany.


8. Schleswig-Holstein: Amrum campsite

Animation all day long and dance music in the evening or a quick drive to the nearest disco. In addition, the complete program of variety, so that you can get out of the ultra-modern motorhome in the morning and be right in the middle of the action. If camping should look something like this for you, then you should avoid Amrum. 

The local campground is completely car-free and is considered to be one of the quietest naturist campsites in Germany. The island in North Friesland is now anything but a center of party tourism, but on the campsite recreation and relaxation are almost taken to extremes.

Those who come here want peace and quiet and they get it here too. The highlight of the daily events is the appearance of the local baker, who supplies the campers with bread in the morning. The place is wonderfully situated between the dunes, has direct access to the sea and enough space so that everyone can develop freely. If you need something, for example from the shop in the next town, you can ride your bike and then go back to the always friendly and helpful atmosphere on this campsite, which is probably unique in this form.


9. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Camping ground on the Useriner See

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has jumped to the top among the travel destinations in Germany in recent years. In addition, the state in the north-east of Germany has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country and, with its countless lakes, offers excellent conditions for a great holiday. 

So it’s no wonder that you can easily find what you are looking for when looking for the best naturist campsites in Germany . The campsite at Useriner See is the only campsite that is located within the boundaries of the Müritz National Park – and it is a site where nudists and those with a soft spot for textiles are equally welcome.

The environment here invites you to explore it. Whether you do it by canoe, bike or on a hike is not so important, the region around the Müritz will cast its spell on you on all routes. On the campsite you will find a boat and bike rental, plus a beach volleyball field, a small shop and a children’s playground. In the vicinity there are restaurants, other shops and on the site of a neighboring holiday park there are other offers such as a children’s club, which you can also use as a visitor to the Useriner See.


10. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Camping Park at the Rätzsee

They still exist in Germany; the places where you can feel like an explorer. In the Mecklenburg Lake District, for example, you can ask yourself in some places why not many more people have come here long ago. Until that is perhaps the case at some point, you can enjoy here that you can often have these wonderful moments between the many large and small lakes all to yourself. 

At the Rätzsee, for example, which is more than five kilometers long and whose glittering water is guaranteed to entice you to jump in on a warm summer’s day.

There are reeds on the shore here, in other places there are forests and if you lie here in the grass and hear the voices of the birds, then you can hardly believe that you are here in one of the most popular holiday areas in Germany. The campsite at Rätzsee has been given new life and attractiveness by new operators. 

The spacious area has plenty of space for tents, caravans and mobile homes and also has all the necessary facilities including a clean sanitary building with washer and dryer. You have Wi-Fi on the whole area, but when you see the beautiful lake you will put your mobile phone aside very quickly anyway, it just looks too inviting to be ignored for a long time.


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