What have you always wanted to ask nudists?

Seriously, do you look at nudists and wonder what they are thinking?

Welcome to naturist nation Germany! At some point you will come across the letters FKK. Want to ask nudists what it really means? Find out what you need to know about nudism and nudists below.

The most important thing about nudism

  • Naked fact: no nation likes to draw naked as the Germans. This is where the term  nudism  , or nudist for short, came into being. The former GDR was once its epicenter. That is why there are more nudists in the east to this day .
  • Around 10 million Germans bask in the buff. In Germany there are more than 200 nudist associations and the largest nudist meeting in the world: Over 1,000 nudists gather every year on Rosenfeld Beach on the Baltic Sea.
  • Adam before Eve: According to a survey, nudism is an option for around 68 percent of men and 46 percent of women .
  • Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Dutch and Austrians also like to sunbathe naked on the beach. On most prudish are Americans, followed by the Brazilians.

Naturism – nature-loving nude culture instead of sexual adventure

Nudism or nudism initially just means being naked. The “naturism” goes one step further: In this nudism is about the merging nature . The most important values ​​are respect for the environment, freedom and feeling with all your senses.

In the sex industry , “nudism” is often used as a synonym for sex parties – neither nudism nor naturism have anything to do with it. On the contrary: Studies and experience reports show that the constant sight of bare skin has a habituation effect . Nudists do everyday things naked – this is desexualizes being naked.

Here you can be naked anywhere – and better not here

✌️In Germany there is no law that prohibits nudity (without sexual reference) . If other people feel disturbed, nudity can be punished as an administrative offense with a fine. Usually a warning is given first.

🏠Being naked in your home ? No problem at all by law – you can show as much bare skin as you like. Even if all windows are open in the meantime.

🏡On the balcony or in the garden : The outside areas also belong to your home – that’s why you can wear the “paradise costume” here too. To make sure that nobody feels disturbed, a privacy screen helps .

🏖️On the water or on the beach : nudists play it safe on the nudist beach . But nudity is largely tolerated on other public beaches as well.

🌄In nature : lying naked in a forest clearing or on a mountain peak is pure freedom for some. Theoretically, this is not forbidden – but if others feel disturbed by it and report the nudity, it can be classified as an administrative offense.

🌆In the city : just strolling through the city without clothes? Not a good idea – with so many people, you’re sure to complain.

☝️Nudity in public with a sexual reference (such as showing sexual organs to exhibitionists) is prohibited by law in Germany.

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