Why nudism? The benefits of FKK nudism

Why is nudism so easy and good for you?

The sun is shining, the air is shimmering – and the desire to tear off your clothes grows. But of course it’s not just the heat that makes nudist fans loll around in the sun without a cover: There are many reasons in favor of nudism. You can find out which ones are here.

Untamed joy in the elements

Anyone who has ever jumped naked into the water knows that it evokes a completely different body feeling than with swimming trunks or bikini. Seen from the outside, the difference is marginal, after all, there is no longer a lot of fabric that covers the body at all. But especially in the water you notice that even this little bit makes a big difference.

More realistic body image

Especially in times of Photoshop-manipulated supermodels in every magazine, it is important for your own body feeling to see that people can look completely normal. This idea has been a central concern of the supporters since the beginnings of the nudist movement (even if at that time without Photoshop) and should ensure more well-being.

Less shame

This second argument also includes the thought that people need not be ashamed of their nudity. In nudism, the difference in human physiognomy, i.e. the external appearance, is clearly evident. And with it the realization that it is completely okay not to conform to the norm – because most people feel that way. And that also applies to the regions that normally remain covered.

Streak-free tan

Of course, the streak-free tan is one of the arguments for nudism. Everyone knows the typical patterns that swimming trunks and bikini leave on the skin – which is why many sun worshipers sunbathe topless. While this is now quite normal on most European beaches, nudism is often still frowned upon. Why actually?

Nudism is not erotic

For a while, nudism has established itself as a code word for erotic adventures – much to the chagrin of the “real” naturalists who try to prevent precisely this conceptual connection. However, anyone who has ever dropped their covers on holiday on Rügen or Sylt knows that nudism has nothing to do with eroticism – on the contrary, after all, eroticism is more about consciously covering parts of the body in order to make them visible only to special people. You can therefore compare nudism with a visit to a wellness oasis or sauna, where nudity also feels completely natural.

It’s easy

Perhaps the most important argument in favor of nudism: It has now become very easy to simply try nudism without obligation. Anyone looking for a beach or a lake where he or she can enjoy the sun “without” will quickly find it on the Internet – there are usually even designated nudist areas very close by. In our guide we also present the German nudist lakes by federal state, nudist campsites and the top ten European nudist beaches. Everyone will find what they are looking for. And in the end, trying is better than studying!

Nudism by the lake, by the sea and on the beach

If you would like to find out more about nudism, take a look at our nudist guide , in which we not only present the most beautiful nudist lakes in Germany , but also show a top ten of the best nudist beaches in Europe as well as a selection of great travel tips and vacation offers!


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