How did you get started or when did you get into nudism and naturism?

Most people end up being nudist and naturists accidentally or for some other reason. What about you? How did you get started?

Below is a look at how most people end up getting into nudism and naturism. How did you end up embracing nudism and naturism?

Parents forced me into nudism

How did I get into nudism and naturism? My parents have been real nudists since childhood and are constantly naked at home too. That meant that my siblings and I have always been naked and it was fun too. So my parents practically “forced me” to be naked. I think it’s really cool in retrospect that I was allowed to grow up naked!

Children of nudist parents have to endure this struggle. However, it prepares them later in life to easily deal with the acceptance aspect of nudism and naturism

Grew up with nudism at home

How did I get into nudism and naturism? As a child, my parents went to the beach with friends on vacation. They are not nudist friends but our friends. I was allowed to decide for myself and felt super comfortable without anything.

A majority of people who grew up in nudist homes will end up embracing nudism and naturism later in life

Got a bit curious and wanted to experiment with nudism

How did I get into nudism and naturism? I once went hiking in nature and then came to a river and just thought to myself, is nobody there, so take off your clothes, get into the river and then let it dry in the warm sun and walk up and down the river a little – that sense of freedom was a key event for me.

How did I get into nudism and naturism? As a teenager in the library, I became aware of the yellow nudist travel guide from Drei Brunnen. I looked through it and then out of curiosity I visited some places in my area … and was infected by the nudist virus.

Curiosity plays a very important part in acceptance of nudism and naturism. Most people get started by simply being curious of how they would feel being naked, how other would perceive them naked and with no time they are nudists and naturists.

into nudism and naturism

I wanted to see naked people

How did I get into nudism and naturism? I came to nudism out of pure curiosity. First I wanted to see some naked men, and then I found out how pleasant and liberating nudism is.

This is a classic especially when people grow up in homes that do not allow open and frank discussions on sexuality and intimacy. If you were not exposed to nakedness either by accident or through the normal formative curiosity that teenagers go through, you will eventually have to go through that phase.


I was at a mixed sauna

How did I get into nudism and naturism? I’ve been going to the mixed sauna since I was 18 and then 4 years ago I tried nudism in Mallorca. I found out that nudism is just an extended sauna area in public space and nobody cares how you look naked. A wonderful feeling!

How did I get into nudism and naturism? I actually got into nudism through the sauna. After I noticed how comfortable it is in the sauna area without useless swimwear, I went to the swimming pool on the nudist evening and from then on I didn’t want to swim any other way. In the meantime I prefer to go into the nudist areas everywhere.

There are saunas that offer nude areas. This is actually the case for a lot of people during the colder season. If you are not on holiday, you are more likely to end up going to a sauna.

People went swimming naked at the summer camp

How did I get into nudism and naturism? For me it was at a youth meeting on summer vacation with a tent camp. I’ve always liked to be naked, but I wasn’t prepared for that, so on the first day when everyone suddenly bathed naked, I still had pants. But since the second day I love to be naked even more and also to bathe naked.

This is the shock and awe aspect. If everyone around you gets naked, you are more likely to also get naked. If that happens often, you will gradually get comfortable and are likely to embrace nudism and naturism long term.

into nudism and naturism

I was on holiday and the beach had a nudist section and I was curious

How did I get into nudism and naturism? I went to Mondsee for the first time during the summer holidays (as a vocational school student) (Pirkau amusement park, Hohenmölsen). There was a nudist area there and I took the opportunity to try it out. Without the soaking wet swim shorts I liked it a lot better and since then I like to do nudism. It is easier and freer. Just take a towel, some sun milk and you’re done.

What a perfect way to start with nudism! Nudism has a community aspect to it. Most people at a nudist beach will just go about their business without being bothered what the other nudists are doing (unless invited to).

People were naked in the locker room after sports

How did I get into nudism and naturism? I came to naturism through sport. After showering, we talked and rested naked for a long time. And that’s when I realized that nudism is a beautiful thing

This is especially true for anyone who loves sports or is at the gym. Eventually you will have to be bombarded with nakedness. With time being naked will become a normal thing and when it comes to embracing nudism, you will have an easier time because you are essentially just doing something normal to you.

I was at the pool and the nudist area was quieter

How did I get into nudism and naturism? There is a nice swimming pool in my area, and I go there a lot in the summer. Unfortunately there were of course a lot of children and it was very noisy, but I wanted to read my book in peace. Then I went to the nudist area because there were no children, I really liked it again. So for me it was more of a coincidence that I got back to nudism.

Don’t we all love some peace and quiet? I think that is why we enjoy going to a nudist beach. Aside from the occasional beach volleyball and gentle music, you are more than likely to enjoy some peace and quiet.   

into nudism and naturism

I got into nudism and naturism by accident

How did I get into nudism and naturism? I started nudism when I was 40. I got there by a stupid coincidence. Was on a business trip and wanted to relax a bit in the warm water at a thermal bath in the evening. So pay, put on your swimming trunks and go into the water. When I was in the pool for just 15 minutes, a loudspeaker announcement came that the nudist evening was about to begin and that everyone had to take off their bathing suits or leave the thermal baths. So I gave it a try and found it so pleasant that I now prefer to swim without it. It’s been 10 years now.

This is normal and just like in summer camps; we are confronted everyday with the prospect of being naked. Most people react normally and eventually love it!

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