FKK Nudist holidays: these are most important rules of conduct

Just because it says naturalist, does not mean that you have to throw your manners out of the window! Find the important FKK rules of conduct while on holiday

A holiday among nudists is not that easy. Which regulations you should observe – and which unspoken rules there are. 

What do I wear? How close can I put my towel to my neighbor? These questions are not only asked by novice nudists. It quickly becomes clear:  nudist beaches are covered, but not random. With the nudist etiquette you avoid unnecessary trouble and can enjoy your textile-free holiday. 

1. Is nakedness really allowed?

Check with tourist information beforehand whether the beach you want to visit is actually a nudist beach. If you take off your clothes on beaches where nude bathing is prohibited, you can face warnings or fines. 

2. Are clothes allowed? 

In addition to a ban on disclosure, there are also rules against textiles on some beaches. No clothing may be worn on these sections, including swimsuits or bikinis. Exceptions usually only apply to children and young people.

3. Do not stare

When the people around you are naked, it can be an unfamiliar sight at first. However, the same applies to the nudist beach: Staring at other bodies is impolite. In particular, avoid looking at other parts of the body than the eyes. 


4. No photos on the nude beach

Signs on many nudist beaches indicate that photography is prohibited. But even if there are no prohibition signs, you should be careful not to take pictures of other beach visitors without being asked. Many experienced nudists therefore leave cameras and cameras completely at home. 

fkk rules of conduct

5. Public tenderness

Everyone is naked on the nudist beach. But that does not mean that eroticism is acted out publicly here. Sexual acts are prohibited in public. Couples should therefore be careful not to disturb the other nudist holidaymakers with too stormy exchanges of tenderness. 

6. Nudism only with a bath towel

Even when you relax naked, you should always have a bath towel with you. On the one hand, you can lie comfortably on the sandy or pebble beach. On the other hand, for reasons of hygiene in many nudist facilities – such as cafes, restaurants and bars – guests must wear a bath towel when they sit down. 

7. Keep your distance

Everyone has a different need for closeness. But especially on a nudist holiday , it is important to make sure not to get any closer to other people than they want. So if you are wondering how close you should put your bath towel to the next vacationer, if in doubt, lie a little further away. 

8. Pay attention to sun protection

If you spend your days naked from one day to the next, you should make sure that you apply sunscreen lotion to yourself. You should take special care of those areas of the skin that are covered in everyday life.

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