Hot ideas for your FKK nudist holiday! Including the best destinations

Travel tips for nudists, naturalists and friends of nudism. Find out how to go on a carefree and why nudist holidays are the best!

FKK Naturist holidays are by no means a new idea. The nudism originated in the late 19th century and was naturally always connected to the theme of leisure.

If you want to be naked, you prefer to do it where it is warm and what is more suitable than the time of vacation in a sunny area.

In addition, nudism is not just about being naked, but also about the connection to nature and the elements – things that somehow always play a role on a holiday anyway.

The naturist movement has its origins in Northern and Central Europe and to this day you will find some of the best destinations for your nudist holiday in these regions .

Overall, however, the offer goes far beyond this part of the world. Today you can also go on holiday naked in North and South America and in Australia. It is naturist holiday means restricted to nude beaches, but comes in many forms therefore.

For example, there are cruises with an included nudist offer . In Germany there are now even special hiking trails for naturists , in France and Denmark there are golf courses for naturists and in many other places there is a wide range of leisure activities that are specially tailored to fans of nudism .

Map of FKK nudist holiday destinations

Although the vacation for fans of naked relaxation can be quite diverse, there are still a number of regulations and restrictions that must be observed.

Even if you find a naturist hotel or resort, or spend your vacation at a naturist campsite , that doesn’t mean that naturism is generally allowed in this country or region.

There are areas where people have reservations about being naked for cultural or religious reasons, or where a corresponding tradition is simply lacking. In other countries, nudism is tolerated, but only in certain areas or without any binding regulation on the subject.

Once you have found accommodation that is suitable for naturists, you will surely be able to get detailed information about local conditions there.

FKK Naturist holidays in Germany

In Germany, which has Naturism the longest tradition. In fact, around a hundred years ago there were areas to which one traveled to enjoy nature naked for a few hours or a few days.

Especially in the eastern half of the country, this tradition has been cultivated all the time and so the German Baltic coast is still one of the most popular destinations for a nudist holiday to this day .

The nude beaches of Rügen and Usedom are particularly well known . With the latter, however, you should be careful not to get too far to the east, because on the Polish side, as a naturist, you sometimes encounter incomprehension. On Rügen, on the other hand, Schaabe Beach should be familiar to everyone who has ever dealt with the topic of nudist holidays , because it is one of the most famous meeting places for fans of nude bathing.

The entire ten-kilometer-long beach is not designated as a nudist zone, but being naked is so widespread here that nobody is offended by it anyway.

Quite apart from the free body possibilities, both islands are of course wonderful vacation areas anyway. And the options for a nudist holiday also extend over the entire further coastal region on the Baltic Sea .

The Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula is a good address for this, for example the north beach Prerow, which is also quite well-known and which looks extremely natural and thus corresponds to the ideal of naturists.

In the wider area, between Rostock and Wismar, you will find a number of other opportunities to bathe and sunbathe free of textiles. In general, you should definitely consider Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for your nudist holiday , for example there are also numerous campsites here that are specifically aimed at customers interested in nudism.

In view of this offer, of course, neighboring Schleswig-Holstein does not want to spoil itself and also has a lot to offer. Between Fehmarn and Timmendorfer Strand there are numerous beaches where textiles are superfluous and with Rosenfelder Strand one of the most famous nudist campsites in Europe .

If you prefer the North Sea instead of the Baltic Sea for your nudist holiday , you can also be helped.

The particularly good news is that the most popular German vacation islands are also on the list. On Spiekeroog, Amrum and Borkum you will find wonderful stretches of beach that are reserved for fans of textile-free bathing and that are wonderfully protected between the dunes.

In addition, one of the most famous holiday destinations for nudist enthusiasts is located on the wonderful island of Sylt . The beach Buhne 16 has been known and appreciated in these circles for many years and has not lost any of its charm to this day.

By the way, you do n’t have to spend your nudist holiday in Germany on the coast if you don’t want to or if the way is too far for you.

There are numerous campsites in beautiful locations all over the country , as well as apartments and hotels where naturists are welcome. You will also find great bathing spots at many beautiful lakes in all federal states that are reserved for lovers of nudism , for example at Chiemsee in Bavaria or at Geiseltalsee in Saxony-Anhalt.


FKK Naturist holidays in Denmark

In Northern Europe, too, you will find a lot of hospitality and numerous options when planning a naturist holiday .

In Denmark it is actually the case that nude bathing is not restricted by law or, in other words, in principle it is allowed everywhere . In this regard, Denmark has the most permissive legislation in the world and is a safe destination for your naturist holiday .

There are definitely beaches that are used by naked and clothed bathers at the same time and nobody is bothered by the other. It doesn’t always have to be this way, however, and it is certainly a good idea to simply use the bathing areas that have been specially designated as textile-free – after all, there are really enough of them.

particularly interesting travel destination for naturists is certainly the small island of Anholt in the Kattegat . The entire beach around the island, at least 25 kilometers long, is open to naturists, so that great, long, naked walks on the beach are possible.

Here, as well as on the popular holiday islands of Römö and Fanö in West Jutland or on the Danish mainland, holiday homes are often the accommodation of choice. Many of them border directly on nudist beaches and are therefore an optimal solution for a nudist holiday in Denmark .

Since you can go on holiday naked anywhere in the country, the optimal vacation spot depends primarily on your personal preferences. The beach at Lyngby in northern Denmark, which is particularly attractive with its high dunes, or the beaches near Odsherred on North Zealand , where entire naturist families often gather, are in demand.

FKK Naturist holidays in France

Did you know that France is the country with the most tourist visitors in the world?

With its beautiful coastlines, romantic landscapes and fascinating cities, the country really has a lot to offer. Now you can’t enjoy everything naked in France – that would end at the Eiffel Tower at the latest – but you can comfort yourself with the fact that this wonderful holiday country is also one of the top destinations in the world for nudist holidays .

There are more than 150 holiday resorts and campsites in the country that are exclusively dedicated to naturists . If you are not staying on such a facility, you should make sure that you only actually drop the covers in sections that are specifically designated as non-textile.

As far as the holiday region is concerned, you are spoiled for choice.

The country’s long Atlantic coast is particularly popular . Here, more precisely in Montalivet-les-Bains, a nudist holiday complex was opened shortly after the Second World War and this tradition was consistently continued in the following decades.

In this part of the country, naturists will find plenty of opportunities for an active vacation. Kayaking, sailing, and diving are popular options. Also spa treatments will always continue to spread and may your naturist holiday make it a truly relaxing trip.

Naturists can just as easily choose France’s Mediterranean coast as a holiday destination. Again, there is plenty of choice and many different options for accommodation, for example on the Côte d’Azur .

For example, you can check-in at campsites , in wooden huts or in fancy resorts with full service. You will find suitable nudist beaches all over the coast and also really beautiful landscapes in which you can fully surrender to nature.

Even on the popular holiday island of Corsica there are several holiday resorts that are committed to nudism .

And even if you don’t feel like going to the beach and the sea, you can get help in France: You can even spend a nudist holiday in the Pyrenees!

FKK Naturist holidays in the Netherlands

It is well known that in the Netherlands you see a lot of things a little more relaxed than elsewhere. This is also the case with naturism. Nudity on the beaches is not something that would cause a stir.

As in Germany, it is still advisable in the Netherlands to stick to the beach sections designated for sunbathing without textiles . That’s not a problem either, because there really are enough of them.

In general, the beaches of Holland are a popular travel destination, regardless of whether you want to go swimming naked or clothed.

The Dutch beaches are mostly surrounded by dunes towards the land, which also ensure that you can undress undisturbed.

One of the most popular beaches in the country is Zuiderstrand near The Hague , which is considered particularly picturesque and where there are a number of leisure activities.

Here you will also find several sections that are specially reserved for textile-free enjoyment. There, as in other places in the country, the beaches are divided into individual areas by means of numbered stakes and there is usually a notice board on which you can read between which stakes nude bathing is permitted.

This also applies to the rest of the country, for example in the popular holiday resort of Zandvoort in the province of North Holland. There is a fairly spacious nudist beach and a beach pavilion that welcomes unclothed guests.

The nudist beach near Bergen an Zee , which is not far away, and the area on Callantsoog beach, which is also equipped with a beach pavilion, are just as spacious . And there is also good news for all friends of the island of Texel : There, more precisely on the north beach of the island, you will also find opportunities for bare holiday fun.

FKK Naturist holidays in Spain

Spain is traditionally the country that has the largest place in vacation catalogs. As far as the options for a textile-free holiday are concerned, Spain is not necessarily one of the top addresses, but you will also find some good options here.

There are a total of 400 nudist beaches in the country . You should really stick to these, because Spain is quite conservative in some parts and naked bathers are rarely seen on the normal beaches.

A while ago a court ruled that a fine would have to be paid for showing up completely without a shell on a beach that was not designated for this purpose. Nevertheless, as a naturist you have a nice selection of holiday destinations in Spain .

You can find the textile-free beaches under the name “playa naturista ”, although others are so well known that you don’t have to look far for them.

Textile-free sun worshipers often meet in the Balearic Islands . The island of Menorca is particularly popular in this regard. The Playa Son Bou is among the nude beaches of the Balearics something like the star, but not the only beach for naturists on the beautiful island.

On the neighboring island of Mallorca , it is above all the S’Arenal de Sa Canova beach that attracts fans of bathing pleasure without swimming trunks. It is no coincidence that the island’s first nudist hotel has been located here for several years . In Ibiza, on the other hand, it is Es Cavallet beach , the name of which is known to naturists all over Europe.

In the Canary Islands , the island of Gran Canaria has established itself as a destination for nudist fans .

The dunes on the beach about halfway between Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles are very well known . The dunes create enough privacy and make for a really pleasant environment.

On Fuerteventura you should be interested in the area around Corralejo beach , where there is also a hotel for nudists . The official regulation on Fuerteventura is that clothing on the beach is optional , but you should still be among the other naturists a little off the beaten track. U

nd in Lanzarote we recommend the Charco del Palo beach , where the sea water gathers in natural pools that naturists like to use.

FKK Naturist holidays in Croatia

At the end of our European tour for nudist fans , we travel to a country that has recently made a rather steep rise in the list of the most popular holiday destinations .

Anyone who has been involved with nudism for a long time may know that it was well maintained in the times of the former Yugoslavia. Nudity is still not uncommon on Croatia’s wonderful beaches and nudist tourism makes up a large part of the country’s tourist revenue.

All along the coast in Croatia you will find campsites especially for textile-free holidays and there are also holiday complexes where naturists and dressed guests mingle without reservation. Apart from such specially marked beach sections , nudity is also tolerated and accepted in remote bays.

In Istria , the part of Croatia that is particularly popular with foreign tourists, the Koversada camp is one of the oldest naturist holiday resorts.

The unusually spacious holiday home impresses with its beautiful beaches, the park-like concept and the fact that you can find everything you need here on your own small island. So you don’t have to leave the facility during your vacation – and you don’t really have any reason to put on clothes.

The camp is about halfway between the beautiful cities of Porec and Rovinj , where you will also find offers for a bare holiday – on the beach of Valalta near Rovinj , naturists have no less than five kilometers of space available.

You can find additional options on the island of Krk, among other places .

You can also spend your nudist holiday in Croatia further south. In the Kvarner Bay you will find many of those hidden, secret bays in which naturists like to romp.

One of the nudist campsites in the region will certainly be able to show you the way to one of them. Even further south, in the Dalmatia region , there is even more choice and a large number of textile-free beaches.

On the mainland, for example, you will find it in several places around Dubrovnik . Near the town of Makarska is Nugal Beach, one of the most beautiful nudist beaches in the country , surrounded by steep cliffs and with wonderfully sparkling water. In this area, however, the islands are possibly even more interesting for naturists.

Examples include a section of the Zlatni Rat beach on the island of Brac, the Sovinje beach on Pasman or the Strasko beach on the island of Pag, which is adjacent to a forest area.

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