These are the best countries to enjoy a naturist family holiday

Thinking about going on a naturist family holiday? Find out the best countries to visit for your naked holiday

A vacation without too tight pants, badly fitting bikinis and oppressive shoes? That sounds like fun! Going on holiday naked is no longer a novelty. Below are the countries for your perfect naturist family vacation where you can relax, just as God created you.

Naturist holidays are all the rage. It seems as if we are reading everywhere how beautiful a textile-free vacation can be. So say goodbye to the textile ballast and just relax without a cover! Naturism is very important in the following vacation spots. So take off your pants and enjoy the pure feeling of freedom!

The 10 best countries for a naturist family holiday

In order to give you a small overview in advance of the holiday destinations where nudism is allowed, I have put together a personal top 10. In this you will find out at a glance in which countries naturists feel most comfortable and can pursue nudism unhindered.

  • 1st place: Denmark
  • 2nd place: Croatia
  • 3rd place: Germany
  • 4th place: Spain
  • 5th place: Netherlands 
  • 6th place: France
  • 7th place: Bulgaria
  • 8th place: Montenegro
  • 9th place: Greece
  • 10th place: Portugal

Naturist family holidays in Germany

You don’t have to travel far for a relaxed nudist holiday, because beautiful beaches with nudist zones can also be found in our beautiful homeland. I would like to introduce you to a few holiday destinations where you can practice nudism in Germany undisturbed. In my travel magazine you will then receive the appropriate detailed tips.

What is nudism?

  • The abbreviation FKK stands for the word nudity.
  • It describes the joy of being naked, sexuality does not play a role.
  • The connection to nature and personal freedom play an important role in nudism.
  • During a nudist holiday, you can move around without a shell on campsites, in hotels or resorts or on marked beaches.

The North and Baltic Seas are perfect for a nudist family holiday in Germany

The east of Germany in particular is known for its unrestrained mentality and has always been luring nudists to the beaches of the wonderful Baltic Sea. The islands of Usedom and Rügen are particularly popular with those without a shell, because here you will find almost as many marked nudist beaches as there are textile beaches. 

You will find official nudist beaches in all directions on the largest German island, Rügen. Nudity also has a long tradition on the island of Usedom, where holidaymakers went bare as early as the 1950s. Even on New Year’s Eve on the Baltic Sea , naturism holidays are ideal. 

But nudist holidays are also in vogue in western Germany. The wonderful island of  Sylt is not only known for its extensive beaches, but also for the emerging nudist scene. On every third section of the beach you can drop your covers and tan seamlessly. South of Rantum on the beach “Samoa” you will even find a beach sauna that rounds off your beach day perfectly. By the way, the most popular nudist beach is the “Buhne 16” near Kampen. A MUST for your naturist holiday on Sylt!

For active people: nude hiking in Germany

But not only the Baltic and North Sea stand for nudism in Germany, the Lüneburg Heath and the Harz Mountains also have a variety of offers for naturists. In 2010, Germany’s first nude hiking trail, the  Harzer Naturistenstieg in the southern Harz, was opened. You can hike around 13 kilometers without wearing clothes without disturbing anyone. 

Since 2017, nudists in northern Germany can also look forward to a hiking trail, because the Undeloh naturist trail, which is around 10 kilometers long , was opened last year . In my travel magazine you can find out more about the two regions where naturists are very welcome.

naturist family holiday

Naturist family holidays in France

Live like God in France and vacation like God created you? You have come to the right place in France! Here, more precisely in the south of France, is one of the nudist centers par excellence, the  Cap d’Agde . Why should you only visit one nudist beach when you can vacation in an entire nude city ? Hotels, campsites, shops, restaurants and bars – all of this is freely available to nude holidaymakers here. If you like it a little more dressed, you will find it in many places on the Mediterranean Sea in France.

The Atlantic coast of France also offers uncovered freedom for the whole family. “Live naked!” This is exactly how the naturist holiday village Euronat advertises , which also invites newcomers to the naturist movement to take off their clothes. Sports activities are just as important here as wellness and relaxation, making it perfect for spending a relaxing nudist holiday in France in the midst of nature.

Naturist family holidays in Croatia

The absolute favorite when it comes to nudist holidays is: Croatia ! Yes, that’s right, the diverse country in southern Europe is an insider tip among naturists . Similar to Germany, Croatia was a real pioneer when it comes to naked vacations, because everything has been falling here since the 1950s. In almost every corner of the country you will find small bays, picturesque beaches and campsites where you do not have to wear any annoying material. For example, you can discover the naturist park Koversada very close to the enchanting town of Rovinj, where you can rent a bungalow with a view of the nudist beach for little money. Excursions to Rovinj  you should then go back to being dressed.

Would you prefer to spend your nudist holiday on one of the numerous Croatian islands? This is also not a problem at all, because the Croatians are tolerant of nudists on all islands. One of the most popular destinations is definitely the island of Krk, where you will find several nudist hotspots. The best thing to do is grab a rental car and drive off the largest island on the Adriatic. Should you find a hidden bay, you can pull it blank without any problems, because it is not forbidden on the undesignated beaches either. Don’t forget to take a detour to the Krka National Park , it’s definitely worth it!

naturist family holiday

Naturist family holidays in Spain

Spain may not be the first country you think of when you want to go on a nudist holiday, as being naked is still frowned upon and even punished in many places. But the Spaniards don’t really see it that closely at all holiday destinations. In addition, the nudist holiday is also on the rise in Spain. I’ll show you where in Spain you can already be perfectly naked today.

Naturist holidays in Mallorca

The nudist beaches on our favorite island Mallorca can convince naturists of the opposite year after year. Did you know, for example, that popular beaches like Es Trenc , Es Carbo and Playa el Mago have nudist zones? No? I almost said now that you should grab your swimming trunks and fly to Mallorca, but luckily you don’t necessarily need them there.

Are you looking for a more secluded nudist spot on Mallorca? Then it’s best to drive your rental car to the south of the island, here you will find hidden nudist paradises such as Playa es Caragol near Santanyi , for which the path over a beaten path is definitely worthwhile. You will probably not be able to live out nudism anywhere on Mallorca more undisturbed. Nudist novices will probably feel most comfortable on Sa Cavona beach, because this beach is suitable for both nudists and textile-wearing holidaymakers. Here you can slowly approach nakedness.

Naturist holidays in the Canary Islands

In addition to Mallorca, the island of Fuerteventura is also an exception when it comes to nudism in Spain. Reason enough for thousands of nudists to make a pilgrimage to the always warm island and spend their Canary Islands vacation there. You will find some designated nudist beaches around the island, where you can tan undisturbed in front of a fantastic backdrop or take long walks on the beach. If you ask the nudist holidaymakers about their favorite beach on Fuerteventura, Playa de Corralejo in the north of the island is often raved about. The kilometer-long beach offers you relaxation and the opportunity to practice all kinds of water sports. A dream!

You will also find nudist beaches on the other Canary Islands. In Gran Canaria there are stretches of beach at the famous Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas, where you can sunbathe and swim naked, on Tenerife you can pull up on the dark sandy Playa de las Gaviotas, and on Lanzarote you can enjoy the textile-free beach life at Playa de la Enjoy famara. Thanks to the pleasant temperatures that prevail in the Canaries, a nudist holiday is particularly suitable in the autumn and winter months. Just escape the German cold.

naturist family holiday

Naturist family holidays in Greece

Unlike in Germany, for example, nudism is prohibited in Greece outside of the marked nudist beaches. So if you discover a seemingly lonely bay on your vacation in Greece, you shouldn’t necessarily pull it blank, but rather go to a nudist area! You can now find these on almost all popular Greek islands. If you end up on the island of Corfu , for example , you should head for the small but fine Mirtiotissa beach. 

On the popular island of Crete , you’ll find the secluded Red Beach, which is a 20-minute walk from the hippy village of  Matala. The short hike is worth it, because the beach is just beautiful! Naturists on the island of Rhodes will be happy on the nudist beach of Faliraki in the north of the island, and on the small island of  Kefalonia you will find the Mounda and Sissia Beach in the south, where you can experience unveiled freedom.

As you can see, there are quite a few destinations and beaches on the Greek islands that want to be discovered (naked). In addition, historians even assume that nudism has its origins in ancient Greece . So where better to spend a nudist holiday than here?

Other destinations for your naturalist and nudist vacation

You can spend a nudist holiday almost anywhere in Europe, every popular holiday destination offers you at least one beautiful nudist beach. For example, you can sunbathe unclothed on marked beaches in Italy. Topless is tolerated almost everywhere. 

In Portugal , one of the trend destinations of the year, nudism is officially banned, but is tolerated and practiced in many places, especially in small bays. 

Also in the tourist areas in Bulgaria , around the sunny and golden sands, nudism is allowed and very popular. 

In Denmark the love for freedom without a cover even goes so far that it is no longer the textile-free beaches, but the textile beaches that are marked. 

In the popular holiday destination, the Netherlands , the nudist cult is also lived. Great right? A little insider tip in terms of nudist holidays comes from Reader Gaiasen, who recommends the Balkan state of Montenegro and especially the island of Ada Bojana on the border with Albania.

Europe is not enough for you? There are many countries around the world where you can spend an undisturbed nudist holiday, I have put together a selection for you in the best nudist hotels worldwide. In this article you will find inspiration for the best naturist hotels and holiday destinations where naturists are welcome.

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