Seriously, let’s talk about naked! Here is why you should consider nudism and naturalism!

Are you on the fence? Have you been toying with the idea of nudism? Let me tell you why you should consider nudism and naturalism

Beaches, thermal baths, camping grounds, hiking trails, swimming pools: These are all the places that you might be thinking you will find nudists. However, a majority of us practice nudism comfortably at home. So why should you consider nudism and naturism?

Why be naked? … Why undress completely?

Beyond the intense pleasure that invades the whole being, what happens physiologically? In cooler weather, everyone can see that when completely undressed, the heat exchange takes place through the entire skin. The body then reacts in such a way that the feeling of cold does not appear … You feel lively, at ease, you are “good about yourself”.

Wearing only underpants, thermal equilibrium is no longer obtained under the same conditions. A feeling of discomfort manifests itself which quickly leads to covering up more. The skin is designed to establish the connection with the natural environment. Judiciously subjected to the action of air, water, sun: it tans, becomes pigmented, and does not take long to present to the touch a healthy and pleasant softness. The skin should be stripped of all clothing more often.

The female breast particularly benefits from this direct contact with air, cold water and the sun. Bare breasts on the beach are the effect of a happy evolution putting an end to the inequality which alone allowed the man to evolve there shirtless.

consider nudism and naturalism

The impact of clothing on the body

Clothing through excess protection has weakened human beings and made most people cautious; their resistance to bad weather has diminished. Constituting a screen with light rays which promote the vital activity of the epidermis, the garment opposes the essential and constant exchange which takes place between the air and the skin by the millions of sweat glands.

The contact of certain textiles sometimes causes physiological disorders, unpleasant and persistent allergies. Too adjusted, too tight (as “fashion” dictates), encircled with elastics around the legs, the garment slows down and disrupts lymphatic and blood circulation.

Among living beings, man is the only one who has placed himself in the obligation to have recourse to such protection, and he could not do without it now. A prisoner of laws, customs, “propriety”, man has turned clothing into an absurd masquerade behind which, hypocrite, he seems perfectly delighted to conceal his true personality.

Certainly, clothing sometimes embellishes the hours of life. However, he managed to dispossess the natural aspect of the human body of its reality.


The human body is a gift that needs to be appreciated

The human body today is freed from this ancestral “straitjacket”. He experiences an indisputable well-being and regains his dignity.

Looking at it without the obstacle of clothing, we appreciate the body, as nature made it. An infinite diversity of features, proportions, colors, and the astonishing variety of the peoples of the world reveal what a beautiful world we live in.

At birth, individuals receive a fragile and precious “present” … a body. Everyone received their gift, but it is an insult to nature and to life to allow this gift not “to be appreciated”. We must give the physical body the same attention and the cultivation of intellectual faculties.

consider nudism and naturalism

The beauty of Nudism

Nudism, complete nudity, undoubtedly offers one of the best ways to access our search for fulfillment.

Full nudity is essential, and supporters of partial nudity almost inevitably come to join it. by getting naked, individuals deliberately shed a customary aspect imposed by society. The exposure of the body as it is, without the deceptive mask of the garment is therapeutic. There is no longer any question of suggesting, of promoting … Rich or poor, intellectual or manual, city-dwellers or peasants, all come together on an equal footing. This physical nudity, wanted, experienced, profoundly modifies the attitude and behavior of the individual.

Nudism has triggered a profound change lifestyle for a lot of people … which has led to the larger concept of naturism.

It is no coincidence that the popular saying asserts that “the truth comes out naked from the well”! Nudism provides beautiful hours, too short moments of joy in life, and its followers, happy to meet again, take full advantage of their leisure time.

The exposure of the body as it is , without the deceptive mask of the garments is therapeutic

The beauty of Naturism

Naturism was born from the desire of human beings to harmonize their lives with the rhythms and subtle realities of nature. It is the art of living which is based on knowledge and respect for people and the natural environment in which they live.

Individual seek to become capable of discovering and appreciating what nature places at their disposal to enable them to rise towards a better way of living. Through the questions it raises and which address all aspects of life, naturism leads us to reflect on human behavior in past, current and future eras. These reflections go so far as to make us aware of the dangers facing humanity in the present world.

Every day, in fact, one realizes more that human beings have made themselves slaves to the achievements that they themselves have created – that they are victims of the constraints imposed by “modern times”. More and more, people move away from their true natural way of life.

Through naturism, one rediscovers the simple means which allow us to reach a “fullness of life”. This is though the exposure of the naked body without restraint in contact with the natural elements that support life; “the earth, the water, the air … the sun”. 

consider nudism and naturalism

Nudism and naturism mean a new lease on life   

This new form of life that naturism weaves creates new relationships between individuals, between them and their environment.

Aware of their belonging to the immense vital chain that goes from mineral to plant, animal and human, naturist adopt a more responsible individual and collective behavior.

As soon as the bulwark of clothing is eliminated, individuals lose his latent aggressiveness. They discover an obligation of respect towards others and towards all that surrounds him.

No longer hiding anything from themselves, it becomes difficult for them to hide their thoughts. Living as a naturist, if only for leisure time, is to voluntarily align behavior and attitude with one’s intentions. This fact is rare enough to be emphasized.

In the resulting atmosphere of simplicity and sincerity, calm and beauty are appreciated … the joy of living and friendship are cultivated.

The joy of being naked

The joy of being naked … feeling free from any embarrassment … perceiving the light breath of the air on bare skin … suddenly shivering at the first drops of rain, or relaxing in the warmth from the sun.

Nudity frees the body and the mind from absurd taboos, obscure prejudices. That is why more people should embrace the idea of ​​a beautiful and true life, the idea of ​​living naked, in the great outdoors … in nature.

This joy reveals a delicious impression of ease and freedom. Nudity brings with it an infused satisfaction. She invites to share this atmosphere made of simplicity and wisdom.

Sexuality and self-control

Sexuality is one of the aspects of life to which the naturist cannot remain indifferent. Having gone beyond the taboos of the nude, in the practice of collective nudity, the naturist approaches this area without ulterior motive.

How do naked people around other naked people behave? Seeing other nudes, being seen yourself, isn’t that a matter of … uncontrolled excitement? Can we not be afraid of giving in to sexual urges?

The individual seems to cultivate the refusal to admit that he owes his life to the natural conjunction of two human beings in their lovemaking. He forgets the reason, the reality, the greatness of this creative act. Hypocrisy goes beyond the imaginable!

The human body is beautiful in its nakedness, only its way of life has altered this original beauty.

The couple’s gestures of tenderness, the gestures of tenderness towards the child, are imbued with a touching beauty. Those of love are no less so, they are natural, even if, precisely by nature, they strive to remain discreet.

Naturism promotes self-control. Respectful of oneself and of those we meet, the naturist has the freedom to live his life, his sexual and emotional life as he sees fit.

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