Yes, there is also naturalism! What’s the difference between naturism and naturalism?

Really? What’s the difference between naturism and naturalism?

Naturalism is a concept that many have already adopted without realizing it. Living close to nature and enjoying what it offers without looking to do more is a great philosophy. Then there is naturism. This current seeks more to promote the original nature of the human being. For fans of the concept, the Man was born naked, there is no reason why he wears so many clothes on him. A naturist beach or a naturist campsite allows you to fully experience this ideal of life. Here are a few points that make it possible to pick out the difference between naturism and naturalism.

How do you define naturism and naturalism?

Defining naturism

There are several possible definitions of naturism, but many agree that it is about living naked outside your home. To indulge in this practice, naturists must go to a dedicated place, a campsite or a naturist beach. Indeed, to get naked in an unauthorized place would be to violate the rules of society and the laws. He is liable to a fine and imprisonment. However, the administration tolerates certain places to be naturist. In other words, naturism fans who frequent these places are allowed to live naked.

Defining naturalism

Naturalism is a philosophical current which defends the idea that there cannot be anything else outside of nature. Since ancient times, philosophers have defended the concept that the supernatural does not exist. They are Cartesian thinkers ahead of their time. They were considered reductionist by their contemporaries. For many, reducing the world to reality would be pejorative. Be that as it may, naturalism encompasses several philosophies which all tend to put nature at the center of the world. Nudity is not however discussed.

difference between naturism and naturalism

The naturalist thinks, the naturist frees himself from the rules

While the naturalist is looking for a way to put nature at the center of his existence, the naturist acts by removing his clothes. 

Like babies who enjoy running around naked at home, naturism fans enjoy being naked, but in public. Yes, it is quite natural to want to get naked from time to time. There is no particular reason to deprive yourself of this fundamental freedom. Even so, the rules and laws contain the practice so as not to offend others. For good reason, nudity remains a sensitive subject. 

If the idea of ​​trying to live naturally can pass without difficulty, putting into practice the life without clothes is more delicate. To enjoy this right to strip naked, you have to go to a naturist village. Somewhere in the South of France, an entire small town has adopted naturism as a rule. Part of its seaside resort has remained mixed to allow the timid to keep some of their clothes. The other half are completely naturist.

difference between naturism and naturalism

Holidays on a beach or a naturist campsite

The atmosphere of a naturist beach can please from the first moments. By setting foot on a campsite dedicated to naturism, you will understand that life is simpler and more convivial. You will see that naturists do not judge themselves, that they are more tolerant. 

If you want to try your hand at naturism, start with a short stay at a naturist beach. If you feel comfortable there, you can try to set foot in a naturist campsite. You can book a naturist mobile home and take part in the various activities offered by the host during a weekend. If you feel like a fish in water there, then stay in the campsite for more than a weekend. 

To better choose your naturist camping area, carefully study the location of the area. If possible, choose a campsite which is located near a beach. Ideally, this beach would also be naturist. You can freely enjoy the beach, sunbathe, swim without a swimsuit and do water activities without clothes. Also see if the naturist campsite has a spa and other services available to residents. 


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