What’s the difference between nudism and naturism then?

Other than nudism there is naturism?? Don’t be confused. Find out the difference between nudism and naturism

Nudism and naturism are two terms that are all too often confused. However, apart from the practice of nudity in society or in the family, these two terms have little in common. So what’s the difference between nudism and naturism?

What is nudism? – Nudism simply explained

There are different terms when it comes to people who like to be naked. Here the term nudism is explained and differentiated from other terms.

Nudism simply means not wearing clothes in a public space. A nudist can be described as a person who bathes naked on the beach and then dresses. However, naturism is much more than that.

What does the term nudism mean?

This term comes from the Latin “nudo“, which means nothing other than “naked” and is a practiced attitude towards life, according to which the naked body is something natural, free and not a cause for shame. Nudists therefore appear both naked on their private property and in public, such as on nudist beaches. However, they only do without their clothing in certain situations, in contrast to the naturists, who live out a philosophy in which nudity is only part of it.

Nudism is more or less another term for “naturism” (abbreviation: nudism).

The part “nudus” in this term is Latin and means something like “naked”.

In nudism:

  • People see their nudity as part of their very personal approach to life. With this attitude to life, they demonstrate their naturalness and want to show that nudity is the actual condition of people and that there is no reason to be shamefully covered with clothing.
  • They show their nudity both in private situations (such as in their own house or garden) and in public (for example on nudist beaches).
  • However, nudists only give up their clothes in certain situations.

There is also a difference between nudists and naturists, even if this difference often does not exist in everyday language. Nudists are naked whenever they want (often in their own apartment), while naturists organize themselves through an association.

Often the term “nudism” is used disparagingly and compared with exhibitionism, but these terms should be clearly separated from each other. Exhibitionists experience a gain in pleasure by presenting their nudity and thereby shocking and frightening other people. It has absolutely nothing to do with nudism.

difference between nudism and naturism

What is naturism? – Naturism simply explained

Naturism is a philosophy. If nudism can be occasional, naturism is a real way of life that is practiced with family and / or friends, as often as possible: at home, on vacation, etc.

Shared nudity is just one aspect of naturism. A healthy and balanced diet, exercise in the fresh air, protection of the environment, are part of what most naturist value. Additionally they focus more on physical and mental balance when in nature.

Naturists are characterized by the fact that they do not wear clothes, but behind this there is a larger philosophy, as they call for a return to nature. That is why they like to stay in natural surroundings and also like to distance themselves from some innovations that civilization brought with it.

There is … nature in naturism!

Every naturist strives to live in harmony with nature. Observing and respecting fauna and flora, excursion, gardening, recycling are just as many activities that are often associated with the practice of naturism. By definition, a naturist is by definition close to nature. This is proven by many naturist centers, which are real role models in terms of environmental friendliness.

What does the term naturism mean?

The term “naturism” also comes from the Latin “natura”, which means “nature”. In which nudism is understood to mean the propagation and practice of nudity as such, naturism focuses more on man’s return to the great outdoors by means of being unclothed in a natural environment free from the achievements of civilization. 

The values ​​of naturism

Naturism is inextricably linked with the concept of respect: respect for oneself and one’s own body, respect for others and finally respect for the environment. The practice of nudity is not a naturist’s goal, but a means of achieving personal fulfillment in nature. Freedom, tolerance, sharing, sociability are more motivating goals than a perfect tan … So undressing means making social differences disappear.

In Germany, being naked is not forbidden. There is no law that prohibits undressing in public: At least when one is naked without “sexual reference”. A sexual reference is, for example, an exhibitionist who is aroused by showing other people his genitals against their will. It is a criminal offense.

In France, the practice of naturism (and nudism) is regulated by Articles 222-32 of the Criminal Code. According to this, “sexual display in a public place is punished with one year imprisonment and a fine of € 15,000”. Out of respect for others and because naturism is not to be equated with exhibitionism, it is legally practiced in places specially created for this purpose: naturist beaches, naturist holiday centers, swimming pools with nude bathing areas, etc. Finally, you should know that it is a French federation of naturism and an international federation of naturists there. We hope you enjoyed this article and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.


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