The most frequently asked questions about naturism

Naturism is a modern movement which advocates respect for oneself, for others and for nature.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about naturism

What is naturism?

Respect for oneself and others, above all! Naturism advocates respect for everyone, for their differences and their peculiarities.

Nudity in common allows you to accept the body with its qualities but also its faults.

It’s a real homecoming. Far from daily stress, the body frees itself, the mind opens up and seeks harmony with nature. Naturally, everyone contributes to preserving the calm and cleanliness of their environment. It is a shared conviviality! Family and friends are at the heart of naturist holidays.

What are the origins of naturism?

The origins of naturism are related to nature in the earliest history of mankind. Early humans were very closely involved in the nature around them and largely dependent on it. The awareness of this dependency was great everywhere, because there was no explanation for many natural processes. In all early cultures, therefore, a cult developed to worship the forces of nature: Be it the luck of the hunt, the fertility of the fields, the good harvest, the further development of one’s own family and tribe – for the achievement of all goals that people need to survive were, the forces of nature were invoked.

This nature-loving attitude has been preserved for thousands of years. While the traditional fertility festivals were given an additional Christian content by the church, the rabbit remained faithful to Easter as a symbol of fertility, to Christmas as the festival of lights that triumph over darkness, the joy of the solstice and the days again get longer. The Christian contents are only superficial, superficial stories on the much older, fundamental concerns and deep motivations of the people.

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With the increasing spread of science, which began in Mesopotamia, reached its first climax in Egypt and then in Greece, was further cultivated by the Romans and Arabs in the Middle Ages and then experienced an almost stormy development with the modern age, people’s focus on nature became less and less . (Almost) everything seemed explainable, science today answers almost every question, the universal formula that explains everything is within one’s grasp.

Natural philosophers have always condemned this overestimation of science and warned against too great a belief in science and technology. In fact, humanity has reached a size that will deplete our planet’s resources in the foreseeable future. In fact, the situation has long been reached where a quarter of the world’s population can no longer be fed adequately. In fact, in the foreseeable future, by releasing the carbon bound in the mineral resources oil and coal, we will again reach the CO2-containing atmosphere and the climatic conditions that created the oil and coal deposits millions of years ago through the overgrown primeval forests.

The emerging naturism at the time of the change from the 19th to the 20th century was not only a counter-movement to puritanism and the prudery of the 19th century but also a return to the forces of nature, and this thought is also reflected in all theoretical works of the early naturism movement contrary.


What does naturism bring?

Thanks to direct contact with natural elements and in particular that of air or water with the skin, naturism provides an undeniable feeling of well-being.

Naturism is to feel good with yourself, to be better with others, within the framework of a preserved and respected nature for the holidays.

What is the difference between nudism and naturism?

Nudism is simply not wearing clothes or swimming naked. Naturism goes further than nudism since it is part of a certain behavioral approach.

Naturists want to be close to nature and seek a healthy lifestyle, a natural and preserved environment.

Can we get naked everywhere?

Nudity in public is not permitted and may be subject to prosecution. Nevertheless the legislator clarified:

The criminalization was formulated in such a way as to rule out any possibility of prosecution against persons indulging in naturism, in places specially designed for this purpose.

To live naturist, free and happy, it is enough to go to an authorized naturist area! This is particularly the case for beaches which are approved by a prefectural or municipal decree.

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Should we always be naked in naturist centers?

Naturists certainly prefer to be naked, but dress as needed. In holiday centers, the wearing of clothing is tolerated in certain circumstances (climatic conditions in particular) or for the practice of certain sports activities.

Naturists believe that the clothes were not designed to hide the body. In the centers, the rules for wearing clothing may vary, but nudity is generally the order of the day when the temperature allows it and compulsory near swimming pools and bathing places.

It is still best to consult each center to know its policy regarding nudity.

The difference between a naturist center and a nudist beach?

Germany has a little over 5,800 km of coastline. On nudist beaches (or free beaches), wearing a swimsuit is not compulsory. There are two types of nudist beaches:

  • Nudist beaches recognized by local authorities (prefectural or municipal authorization).
  • The beaches which have become nudist by dint of being frequented by nudists (tolerance).

Naturist centers are private land. Like non-naturist campsites, they offer various services such as cultural, sports and wellness activities., childcare (even at an early age), clubs for teenagers, a restaurant service, a mini-market….

All naturist centers have a naturist bathing area: beach, river, swimming pool, etc. Water is an essential component of well-being!

For a list of approved naturist beaches, visit the website of the DFK (Deutscher Verband für Freikörperkultur)

Do we need a naturist license?

In Germany, the license from DFK (Deutscher Verband für Freikörperkultur) or of the International Federation of Naturism) was essential to participate in the activities of a club and to have access to certain activities (swimming pools, saunas and gymnasiums for example), interclubs, centers of approved vacations from around the world and trial entry into another club.

Since 2001, it is no longer compulsory in most German or French naturist centers. However, once again, it is best to check with each center before a stay to find out whether a license is required or not (centers requiring a license specify this on their website).

Can we take our children to a naturist center?

Sure. Naturism emphasizes a family, healthy and natural atmosphere.

Families represent nearly 80% of the naturist clientele. Nudity promotes the development of the child by allowing him to better know and understand his body and to accept its transformations more easily.

Allowing children to better accept themselves as they are, to increase their respect for others and to sensitize them very young to the importance of caring for the environment: these are the values ​​conveyed by naturism.

In addition, great vigilance is brought by the managers of the centers to the reception and respect of children.

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What categories of people go to naturist centers?

All socio-professional categories are represented in the centers which also welcome a large foreign clientele… of all nationalities.

Can you, as a single person, attend a naturist center?

Vacation centers mainly accommodate couples and families (and single people accompanying them). Some centers accept singles, alone, but they are very often asked to present a naturist license.

Are all saunas naturist?

No. In fact, naturist saunas are even the exception. In France, you have to cover yourself up to go to a sauna (swimsuit or towel).

If you are looking for a naturist sauna, the easiest way is to go to the sauna of a naturist center (campsite or site of an association) … Or ask the sauna if it offers organized schedules for naturists.

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