Did you know that nudism and naturism can improve your body image & happiness?

Some people endure negative life satisfaction unnecessarily due to body image dissatisfaction which is a serious, global problem. Research shows that nudism and naturism can improve your body image and general happiness!

A positive body image can have a big impact on a person’s overall feeling of happiness. On the other hand, those who are dissatisfied with their body shape can affect their general well-being. Some studies suggest that being naked among strangers – nudism or naturism – can promote a positive body image. Find out why you should consider nudism or naturism.

Seeing other people naked vs being seen naked

An online study / survey asked a series of questions about the participants experiences with naturism, body image, self-esteem and “life satisfaction.”

Part of the objectives of the research was to find out whether it was being seen naked or seeing others naked that related to a more positive body image. Based on previous research, the author expected to discover benefits of seeing “non-idealized” bodies – bodies that are not glamorized or that don’t fit current beauty ideals. What they discovered was that “seeing others naked predicted more positive body image,” while being seen naked did not.

This makes sense because a lot of stories about communal nudity and body image tend to focus on seeing body diversity and noticing how all bodies look different and are unique.

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Dissatisfaction with one’s own body often begins in childhood

Studies like the one by Andrea Pelegrini and Edio Petroski in 2010, in which test groups from 24 countries participated, have shown that such poor body image can lead people to radically change their eating habits in response to this problem.

This study also shows that dissatisfaction with one’s own body often begins in childhood. The authors stated that “a study of secondary school students in the greater Florianópolis, SC area found that 48.2 percent of these students were dissatisfied with their body weight”. And that “dissatisfaction with one’s own body is observed even in children before puberty.” It has been clearly established that there is a connection between a positive body image and self-esteem. This can be read about in a publication by Hesketh et al. (2004) , who looked at adolescent obesity.

A demonstrable causality between self-acceptance, self-esteem and life satisfaction was found in studies by Navarro et al. (2014) shown. These confirm that “the relationship between personal self-esteem and satisfaction with life was significant for both sexes”. A logical conclusion from this is that a positive body image is likely to lead to higher levels of satisfaction and happiness.

“Studies have shown that experiencing a variety of naked body shapes leads to an improvement in the positive body image of both male and female test subjects.”

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Being around other nudists and naturalist is very beneficial for body satisfaction

Research has also shown that experiencing diverse naked body shapes leads to an improvement in positive body image in both male and female subjects ( Swami, 2015 ). Swamis’ study involved participants in a life drawing course. But it has also been shown that this principle applies to all those who are undressed in a group with other people – i.e. who practice naturism.


Positive body feeling: the connection to naturism

It has already been proven how an improved body image has a positive effect on self-esteem and perceived happiness. Only recently, however, have studies been conducted that directly target the links between naturism and satisfaction.

KJ West (2017) tried to observe the effects of naturism on positive body image, self-esteem and happiness. First through extensive surveys and analysis and then through nudist activities in real life.

“In fact, the results showed a correlation between active participation in naturism and a higher general sense of happiness.”

West hypothesized that more exposure to the subject of naturism would result in greater overall satisfaction. He hired 849 British adults of all ages, ethnicities, sexualities and genders. West asked her to take part in a survey to “determine the effects of nudist activities on life satisfaction, as conveyed by improved body image and self-esteem”. 


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